AJ Self Reliance

Where primitive and technology work together


AJ selfreliance is an outdoor based company that specializes in outdoor skills such as:

  • Tracking & Navigation
  • Outdoor Survival & Primitive Skills
  • Fire Building
  • Tents & Shelters
  • Shooting Long Guns
  • AR15 - AR10 -Rimfire22 as well as Gun Scope Set Up & Long Range Shooting out to 1000 yards.

AJ Self Reliance is here to help you improve your outdoor survival skills and learn some new ones. We will help you gain the confidence you need to better enjoy the great outdoors.

Owner & Hunting Guide

John Hiskey


Owner & Hunting Guide

John Hiskey


(801) 301-7347

"Had a great day with my two boys. John Hiskey got deeper into techniques with them to make them more accurate shooters. They also learned strategies on how to stalk closer to game and what shooting position would be best for each situation and why. Can't wait to do it again.

Bryan Richardson

"As someone with limited practical wilderness skills and experience but still eager to learn more, I really enjoyed the Beginners Day Class and had a lot of fun. I'm feeling a lot more prepared for my upcoming camping trip. Ashton and John are clearly knowledgeable and have real experience to draw from. To those wanting to take a class, I recommend coming with questions on water, fire, and shelter!"

Bailey Loveless

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